Date: Thursday March 1, 2018
Location: Wilmar Heights Event Centre, 963 Pharmacy Ave, Scarborough, Ont.




Hello There
music by Dave Wolpe
arranged by Bobby Herriot
clarinet soloist – Peter Randell


The Olympians
music by Johnny Cowell


Roller Coaster
music by Johnny Cowell
trumpet ensemble – Don Mincoff,
Vern Kennedy and George McCormick


Canadian Odyssey
music by Johnny Cowell


Harlem Nocturn
music by Earle Hagen
alto sax soloist – Jonno Lightstone


Tribute to Johnny Cowell – The Carnival of Venice
arrangement by Johnny Cowell
trumpet soloist – John E. Liddle


Walk Hand in Hand
Words and Music by Johnny Cowell
arrangement by Ed Graf
trumpet soloist – John E. Liddle